You’re not going to believe this

No, it almost sounds like I would be making this stuff up by now.

After the careful shuffling of baggage packing, making sure each bag is under 50 lbs., we head to the airport, teary eyed after saying goodbye to Bean, packed into the taxi and on our way.

All was going swimmingly. Until THE DELAY. Our plane needed a new tire, there would be a slight delay. That delay turned into an estimated take off around the time we needed to be checking in at Dulles for our connecting flight to London.

We tried to sort out our options, fly into another city, Chicago perhaps, no, they were having “weather” and delays galore were coming out of there. We had no options. There was no way we could make our connecting flight.

The whole point of switching the flight was to get Mark to work by noon today and there was no way it was going to happen. Now, we’re not sure when we’ll fly back.

We could have driven to Dulles, if we left when our taxi picked us up here, and made it plenty of time to catch our connecting flight. The taxi from our house to the airport? 55 dollars. A one way rental to D.C.? 126 dollars.

After having to drive from Dulles to Pittsburgh on our last THREE flights home due to delays and cancellations. It’s starting to sound like a perfectly reasonable decision to make that we just start driving to D.C. just to avoid any complications with connecting flights. International flights always take off. It’s just a matter of getting to them.

But as it turns out, it was a really good thing that we had to go back to the house. Since it was raining, we didn’t notice the sound at first, but then we were like, “WHAT is THAT NOISE!?!?”

The hot water heater in the basement was hemorrhaging water, just gushing!

We were planning on replacing it soon anyway, with it’s sporadic unexplainable leaks…

At least we know what we’re going to be doing today!