Greece: Athens – So hot, it’s on fire

While we were up on the hill of the Acropolis on Thursday over looking the city of Athens, I remember commenting on the clouds over the nearby mountain range, rain was scheduled for later that night, “Those clouds are really trying hard to get over here” I started wondering if there was some local weather phenomena that would explain the clouds keeping out of the apparent basin the city lies in surrounded by peaks. Maybe a strong wind off of the Aegean.

As we were in the taxi heading toward the airport later that day. I again commented on how strange the clouds were. They seemed to be originating from a mountain top, like a volcanic eruption. The clouds thick and casting an odd color as the sun struck the sides. They looked like eerily brown towering thunderheads, “Great, that’s when we’ll get some strong storm, right as our flight is scheduled to take off at 9:00 pm!”

As the plane ascended into the sky, beside the strange cloud bank, we saw the source. Glowing orange below us in the dusk, flaring up, a large forest fire. An estimated 6.000 acres burned as of Friday.