Greece: Athens – Natural History Museum and The Tomatoes

In my continuing effort to do things indoors during the hottest part of the day, I hoped on the metro and went 12 km north to Kifissia, where the Natural History Museum and Gaia Center are located. I didn’t have a map of the area and was trusting the knowledge and small map the hotel concierge drew for me. Of course this map had absolutely no bearing to reality. I couldn’t find the streets, the metro stop was nowhere near the museum as I had be led to believe. Thus began a desperate attempt to get there. Outside the city center, not as many people are fluent English speakers. Fortunately I had a book with me that had the name of the museum spelled out in Greek so at least I could point.

After a number of odd conversations where I noticed I started speaking with a very strange accent, long story shorter, I found the museum. Well, I thought I found the museum. I found the Gaia Center, which was a miniature science museum focused on environmental issues with all exhibits in Greek. I was ushered through some dark corridors into the actual Natural History museum hidden around the corner.

I like to visit natural history museums in other countries simply to see the exhibits with the local flora and fauna. Which this museum had. It was small but well presented. It was unclear whether photography was permitted, I only snapped a few shots. I particularly like this fascinating quote from Aristotle that adorned the wall of the bug room:
Aristotles' quote on insects

The metro passes by Irini, where loads of arenas and fields were built for the Olympics. It was like approaching Wembley with it’s white arch and suspension lines. But it was completely vacant and had a deserted feel, I just wonder if this complex gets used for anything or how often.

Just a small observation, this city has packs feral dogs and cats.

I have to say, I have never eaten so many tomatoes in such a small period of time. I am love love loving the Greek salads here. Each one I’ve had have probably comprised of five tomatoes along with diced cucumber and slivers of red onion and a giant slab of feta, feta like I’ve never had feta before, oh my god is it good here. Drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with oregano. Oh so good, I need to make salads like that when we get back!