Greece: Athens – First night

Our plane was a little late so we didn’t get in until later than we thought. Fortunately for us the Greeks, like the Spaniards, like to have very late dinners. We walked around the immediate area near our hotel, realizing that we could very easily get lost in it’s labyrinth of narrow and winding roads, one of us should really be paying close attention for getting back to the hotel.

The Parthenon at night from Lykavittos HillThe streets were alive with people and merchants. Once the sun goes down and the air is bearable again, so many more people come out. The streets of older parts of the city, like Psyrri where our hotel was, are populated with jewelers and painters trying to push their wares.

We found a restaurant at the base of the Acropolis hill. The Parthenon and Nike Temple to Athena were lit brightly. The Acropolis comprising the skyline of Athens like a beacon that could be seen for miles around. We ate souvlaki, the Greek answer to fast food consisting of skewered and grilled pieces of meat seasoned with lemon and oregano and arni sto fourno me patates a lamb stew with potatoes also cooked with lemon and oregano.

With the Acropolis glowing above us and plates of traditional food in front of us, so many wonderful sights, sounds and smells, this was a perfect introduction to Athens.