Butterflies in the classroom

I was invited into a classroom of 5 year olds today to talk to them about butterflies and bugs. They’ve been raising Painted Lady caterpillars as well as reading books on the topic Caterpillar Butterfly and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

I caught a butterfly that was inside the school, how handy to have a ready made prop! It was a huge hit! I showed the kids how to use a field guide I brought along to identify it, they quickly found the mostly dark brown with small eye spots of the Ringlet butterfly in the photo. We then released it during a break in the rain and saw that there were dozens of them flying about. Later several of the kids went around stalking the butterflies that were everywhere.

One of the little girls observed (showing how well she paid attention), “when it’s sunny out, we come out to play and the butterflies come out and when it’s raining, we go inside to play and the butterflies go inside too (they hide away in the rain)” It was all very cute and they asked surprisingly good questions about insect eyes and if butterflies can make noises, “can they sing?” They told me all about what they learned about the butterfly life cycle and drew me pictures.

Maybe I helped to inspire a budding entomologist out there :)