Months without fast food!

Last night, I was making a wonderful wild rice pilaf, planning to add the mushrooms, onions and nuts that make it so yummy. As it was cooking, it was filling the house with such a good aroma. Mark commented, “I know it’s just rice cooking, but it smells like you’re making fried chicken, it smells like KFC!”

Once this was pointed out, we both were fixated on the smell and the thought of how good some fried chicken would be. It was an irresistible pull. We put away the steaks we were planning on eating and piled out the door to get some fried chicken, “Let’s go get some fried chicken!”

Never mind that the precise moment we decided to leave the house was at the height of a torrential thunder storming downpour outside.

As we pulled away from KFC with an equally aromatic bag of hot fried chicken sitting in my lap we realized that this was only the second time in the six plus months we have lived in England that we have bought or consumed fast food.

We’re going months without eating fast food, months without eating pizza (since the pizza here, even those claimed to be good, has been crap), no dough-nuts, far less red meat (I’ve already talked about how it isn’t the same here either, we picked up the steaks for tonight by observing that’s it has been a really long time since we’ve had a steak), the usual trappings of an American diet… we’re not eating. And frankly, not really missing it. Surely this can only bring good things in the long run :)