England: Didsbury – Fletcher Moss Botanical Garden

AzaleasWith Azalea’s aflame, carpets of Columbine and surrounded in swaths of fragrant Wisteria I walked through the Fletcher Moss Botanical Gardens and hiked on through to the neighboring woodlands.

I purchased the mini guide book written by the curator/gardener of the grounds and read it while sitting in the gardens. He had his own flavor of humor interjecting the stories of how and why certain plants are included in this garden with tales of personnel past and present, and ghost stories galore associated with the buildings on the grounds.

It really felt like an oasis that few people new about. I visited the grounds and woods twice this week and barely saw another soul. On the hike I got a little “lost” well, not really, it was just a detour to the River Mersey by missing taking the right trail back to the village. It was only a problem when I realized how hungry I was and that I was probably at least an hour away from getting out of the woods.

I made it back to civilization and had a lovely lunch at a French cafe (Cafe Rouge), I ordered the Prix Fixe menu, hoping it would be a fast lunch. A tomato tartlet with creme fraiche, Penne with smoked salmon and zucchini followed by creme brulee and coffee took all of two hours to escape from.

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