Denmark: Kronborg Slot

Kronborg SlotWe left the Cliffs of Mon and drove back towards Copenhagen, we decided to head a little further to Helsingor and visit the Kronborg Slot. This castle is purported to be the inspiration and setting for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. We toured the castle, through the rooms arranged as they would have been for the kings and their families who had once lived there. We walked through the opulent halls bedecked with artwork worthy of being an art history museum.

Deb by oil lampThe most interesting part of the castle were the casements. These were the chambers and passageways that lay beneath the castle, it was here where munitions were stored or prisoners were held. These narrow low ceilinged cave like passages were dimly lit by oil lanterns, casting a warm glow in a small radius and eerie shadows. So many of the rooms and carved out nooks were not lit. I think there should be a ghost story tour, telling tales of the goings on in these mysterious looking passages, surely there must be some interesting history that happened here.