Today’s walk: Cookham Loop

Cookham Loop Map

This 4 mile loop (well, 3.99 mile loop) took me along part of the Thames River Footpath. Since it has been a bit rainy lately, parts of the path along the fields were slick with inch thick soupy mud, leading me to walk along more inside the fields. I don’t have appropriate footwear with me, but will in a couple of days. But regardless, I need to pick up a pair of galoshes to properly navigate this terrain.

Across the river were a number of fabulous houses and their small boats moored in their docks. For the most part, I saw few other people out taking advantage of the sunny afternoon, but there were a number of people out with their dogs. It seems quite a few people have dogs here.

A swarm of coots, ducks, geese and swans were following me along a portion of the path. They must have mistaken me for a regular who doles out crumbs of bread.

Rather than continuing on the Thames path, I walked up into Cookham, the exit path leading me through a centuries old cemetery, headstones hidden in the trees and some maintained by the local flint and brick church. Passed by a couple of interesting restaurants on the main road back that we’ll have to check out, The Ferry and The Walnut Grove.

On my way home I stopped at the green grocer and the market to pick up some supplies and headed home laden with more than I could comfortably carry for the last half mile stretch.

In between miles two and three off of Ferry Rd, there is access to another public footpath leading up to the top of a hill where there is a castle like building (possibly Cliveden? A National Trust site, but I’m not sure). Friday is looking gorgeous and sunny, I’ll make that my destination.