I am in my renaissance

Our new place needs some things on the walls. I have photos and other bits coming in our shipment, but not enough to replace all the pieces of Chinese art and nostalgia that our land lord accumulated living in Hong Kong for 17 years.

The first art project, I call it “My Deconstruction of Klimt” :

Deconstruction of Klimt

I had a few 25 x 25 cm black canvases and metallic acrylics (gold, silver and copper) and some tape at my disposal (as well as a lovely box of 24 other acrylics). My first thoughts were of the rich golds and abstract forms within some of Klimt’s paintings. This, with the splash of red reminding me of the jewel tones so often included, I had the idea of extracting these impressions and putting them to canvas.

I particularly like the silver swirls on gold. I applied the thin lines heavily and on close inspection they look like appliqué ribbons. I had a lot of fun with the textures and causing different reflections depending on which way the brush strokes went. These photos really aren’t showing the texture differences. It depends are where you’re sitting and what type of light.

I have a more complicated idea percolating in my mind. Something that will certainly take longer and more planning than the couple of hours of cranking out geometric figures that “My Deconstruction of Klimt” took. But I think it will be a worthwhile pursuit.