Shipment and Cooking Impairment

We found out that, yes, our shipment of our belongins has made it to the UK, but we’ll be lucky if we see it by the end of the month. 7-10 days to clear customs, a couple days to get in from the port to their distribution center, then a couple days until it actually will get delivered…

Another few weeks of being cooking impaired. I made my super yummy chocolate chip cookies last night, even the spatula in this house isn’t right (way too floppy to be practical)! The oven is weird. Mark was joking that it was like we were camping and had to use only our swiss army knife and our wits. I’m convinced now, that people who claim they can’t cook or say they are not any good, just don’t have the right tools nor do they know how to use them. I can see how this sort of frustration would deter further exploration of skills and tastes if nothing seems to work or turn out like you know it should.

Plus we have the added handicap of getting used to different ingredients and products. It’s very strange how different even the simplest things are.

p.s. If anyone is looking for ideas for a care package, please send cans of Hot Old El Paso enchilada sauce :) We bought some here, it’s made by the same company and everything, but just was not the same thing. I thought it would be nice to make one of my comfort food dishes. It was more like pizza sauce. We couldn’t bring ourselves to finish our enchiladas, they just weren’t right or good. The chicken with yams and corn tonight was particularly excellent and satisfying… I have a few more weeks of working around this kitchen without my own tools, I will conquer it yet!