It’s fall, time to break out the knitting

Softest Blanket EverThe air has that autumn chill, it’s time to curl up under the blanket du jour that I’m working on.

I’m nearly finished with The Softest Blanket EVAH! (made with Wild in Russet, THE softest yarn in the universe). I started it last winter, and given warm weather and the trend to do more outside, the project was laid aside until recently. I have just over one more skein to use until completion.

Scarf in LapisHowever, in my impatience, wanting immediate knitting gratification, I broke down and purchased several neat varieties of yarns for scarves. I can crank out a scarf fairly quickly. The first is almost finished, using Curious in Lapis making a fantastically textured scarf that has been slowly depositing a light coating of extremely fine glitter coming out of the strands.

Next project yarnNext will be a chenille ‘pigtail’ yarn, Fling in Aloe, but I think I need to pick up an intermediate sized set of needles for this yarn, maybe 10’s. It’s not chunky enough for my larger needles, but there’s too much going on for 8’s that I usually use for novelty yarns as my scarf factory.