It’s getting to fall again and I’ve picked up my knitting needles. This is a hobby I save for when the weather starts to turn and the evenings get dark early (or as the case has been this week, when I’m sick). I have a number of projects on the table for the coming months. I feel that if I’m at least knitting while vegging out watching tv or a movie, I feel my time isn’t being completely wasted.

I picked up the most unbelievable ridiculously soft yarn. The kind of ball of yarn that you just want to snuggle up to and make it a pet you don’t have to feed. I have designs to make this into a blanket, a blanket people will be fighting for on our couch it’s that kind of fuzzy soft. I went for the Russet multi-tonal, which will complement the colors in our home well. But seriously, this will be the SOFTEST BLANKET EVAH!

As always, I also have plans for a number of scarves. I’m not nearly to the point that Judith is at, where it seems she has a scarf for every outfit and occasion. But give me time, they’re easy and fast to produce. I’m using Mohair for the first time the Moonlight Mohair in Safari, for a golden and slight sparkly scarf. I just finished one with Bernat Boa in Phoenix, and am starting a gift for a friend using Disco eyelash yarn.

Mmm… fuzzy fuzzy yarn…