Hiking: Raccoon Creek

Went for a delightful walk in the woods with Tom last night in Raccoon Creek State Park. We covered a lot of ground in the three and a half hours we were out there, we’re estimating 5-6 miles of walking. It’s convenient that there are so many circular trails or that so many of the 44 miles of trails intersect we were able to make it back to the car right before sun down.

I broke from tradition, the tradition Suzanne and I had started years ago of finding a local greasy spoon of a diner for a well deserved piece of after hike pie. But chatting over salads and wine seems like a fine way to cap off a day after a nice walk. I was scary tired and didn’t want to drive (I volunteered to drive as I am still in the honeymoon phase of having my driver license), scary tired, but a good kind of tired. We talked and gossiped alot, shared some wine and made silly phone calls to mutual friends.

I need to hike more, I have not been out on a hike since February and before then not since the previous year’s field season. Getting out into green spaces does wonders for my psyche, as does the physical activity for both mind and body. I was a good kind of tired at the end of the day and slept better than I have in recent days (weeks?) and could easily turn my brain off to sleep soundly.

This little excursion was so good for me, it’s exactly what I needed, this hike, on this day, this conversation, with this friend.