Wine: Keeping Notes & Sauvignon Blanc

Wine is progressively becoming more enjoyable and much easier for me to consume than any other alcoholic beverage. I never developed a full appreciation for beers (aside from Lindeman’s Frambroise) and most mixed drinks lack the character to enjoy with a well prepared meal.

I have noticed that as I’ve been buying bottles of varieties to try, I’ll remark to myself to make a mental note about a particular wine, whether I loved it or found it completely undrinkable. Invariably, I forget what it was I bought that I enjoyed so much. The next time I’m standing in front of hundreds of bottles I try to conjure a mental image of the label to jog my memory. Unfortunately, from time to time, I end up mistakenly picking up a bottle of something I did not enjoy.

Whether it’s either what I’ve purchased to consume at home with friends or to share at our little neighborhood wine tasting, a glass from a restaurant or a recommendation from a friend, I’m determined to start a detailed log of the wines I encounter. Ideally the entries will include an image of the label as a memory aid.

The single commonality of what constitutes a ‘good’ wine to me is one that is quite quaffable. I want a wine that is easy to drink and doesn’t offend the senses. I want wines that pair well with foods I enjoy preparing and to have along side my favorite cheeses. I don’t buy my wine because of its price tag, I purchase what tastes good to me. I have yet to taste an expensive wine that doesn’t taste like ass, mind you, I don’t run out a buy my wine by the box either. In exploring my tastes, the only palate that matters is my own.

To kick off the wine notes, friends of ours brought along a couple of bottles of Nobilo Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2004. The description on the bottle mentions lively flavors of passion fruit and crisp lemon and it did not disappoint. This pale, straw colored, light bodied wine was pleasantly tart and crisp. It’s a summer wine, our friend’s commented on how they couldn’t imagine drinking this wine in any other season and I would have to agree.

If you can find this one, pick up a bottle and enjoy it outside on a warm summer’s night.