Currently Reading: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I admit it, I was excited about this book coming out. I had resisted reading this series for a long time, they were children’s books and uber trendy. I eventually caved and read the first five books while on vacation two years ago. These reads are brain candy, each only taking a day or two to complete. I had this book in my possession this weekend, but was too busy to start on in it until almost mid-week.

The author does have a certain talent, she’s figured out an excellent formula. As she writes, the story slowly weaves and meanders, sometimes getting wordy and excessive with impertinent details along the way. However, usually right before two thirds of the way through the book everything starts to gel and it grips you and you find yourself unable to put the book down. After a marathon reading session last night gripping the book tightly and feverishly turning pages, I’ve finished the latest installment.

Always with the most enjoyable reads, the brain candy books, I fly through them so quickly; then I end up asking myself why I didn’t spread it out a little bit, it’s not a race, I’m left wanting more. I just need a few more reads in my queue that are there as brain candy.

I will say, the author has certainly set herself up for a successful story line to continue into the seventh (and supposedly last) book of the series. It seems to me that this plot set up could not be adequately addressed and resolved in just one more book. We’ll see, I’m sure I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next release.