Even with a ten foot pole

I spent several days this week staying with Robyn and her 16 month old, while her husband was away at a convention and her baby at day care, I helped her paint a few rooms in her home. They have lived there several years, but haven’t done much to their walls. Now they have a brick red living room and a taupe hallway with all the baseboards, ceilings and trim newly painted white, a sponged yellow bathroom (with a ceiling that needed sanded and painted as well).

I arrived with my painting kit. We’ve lived in this house for five years and everything has been repainted twice. There is no easier way to dramatically change the look of a room than a gallon of paint. I have a large plastic tub of gear: brushes of a variety of styles and sizes, several roller handles, rollers with differing depths of nap, textured paint rollers, one with a special spatter guard for painting ceilings, trays, drop cloths, sanders, spackle. You name it, I have the spectrum of tools for the task. I have been willingly enlisted to help out at countless friends homes to paint over the years and have been exposed to a wide variety of brands, colors and textures.

I acquired a new skill at Robyn’s. Her stairwell hallway has extremely high and difficult to reach ceiling corners. With the aid of an extendable ten foot pole, a fine edging brush and some duct tape, I was able to edge in the white of the ceiling and the taupe of the walls fairly precisely (the walls, ceiling and trim had previously been all one color).

Yes, I can paint skillfully, even with a ten foot pole.

James was particularly cute, giggling at me when I crooked and wiggled my index finger and spoke in a funny voice,