Knitting: Green Checkered Blanket

Surprise, I’m utilizing the basil colored chenille yarn to create this second blanket. I decided to try a slightly more involved pattern this time. By alternating stitches in blocks of ten by twenty, this produces a checkered pattern with blocks of garter stitch and knit stitch. The blocks measuring 4 1/2″ square.

This creates a reversible pattern so it will be checkered on both sides. Other photos of this with fewer number of stitches per block makes a basket weave looking pattern. Once I have a few rows of finished blocks I will have to see if the effect is visible.

Checkered Chenille Blanket:

Size 11 needles

Cast on 94 stitches

Row 1: knit entire row
Row 2: knit entire row
Row 3: k2, *k10, p10, rep from * across row to last 2, k2
Row 4: k2, *p10, k10, rep from * across row to last 2, k2
Row 5-22: repeat alternating rows 3 and 4; creates nine blocks of 10×20 stitches
Row 23: knit entire row
Row 24: knit entire row
Row 25: k2, *p10, k10, rep from * across row to last 2, k2
Row 26: k2, *k10, p10, rep from * across row to last 2, k2
Row 27-44: repeat alternating rows 25 and 26; creates nine blocks of 10×20 stitches with alternating opposite patterns of the first row of nine blocks.

Repeat Rows 1-44 for checkered pattern for desired length. Finish end with two rows of knit stitch.

Originally I thought stitching 10 x 10 blocks would create equal squares. But as it turns out with these large needles and thick yarn, 10 stitches across and 20 rows of stitches creates the large square block I was looking for.

I recently ordered a neat resource book for knitting stitches: The New Knitting Stitch Library. It’s an illustrated encyclopedia-like guide to over 300 types of stitching patterns, something I should have picked up from the beginning and certainly would have be handy before starting this current project.