Currently Reading: A country year

Currently Reading: A Country Year by Sue Hubbell

This reads as if I’m reading my own writing. It’s casual and conversational. Each chapter is analogous to a blog entry, chronicling short episodes and observations. She lives on a 90+ acre piece of land in the Ozarks and makes her living as a bee keeper.

The book progresses through the seasons, capturing stories from spring through the following spring. Simple thoughts recorded, taking care of her chickens and land, many dealing with apiculture anecdotes, recipes and what fills her time during the slow winter months. There are a number of chapters devoted to natural history observations on her property, about her gardens, about the birds and wild things she shares her space with, all respectful of the natural world around her.

She remembers what it was like dealing with petty office politics, even in a university position, and is glad to have removed herself from it. Choosing to live a more simple life. This is just the book I needed to read.