knitting: terra cotta throw

(photo soon to follow)


8 skeins terra cotta thick and quick chenille yarn, size 10 needles.

Project pattern:

Cast on 84 stitches loosely.
knit four rows, purl one row (first and last two stitches knit, p row= k 2, p 80, k 2).
Continue this 4:1 repeating pattern, end on the WS with four knit rows, bind off loosely for a ribbed pattern thick chenille throw.

This has been an interesting and addictive project. It is gratifying to be making something and watch it slowly fill your lap as it grows into its function. I kept losing track of what row of stitches I was on. This proved to be a valuable learning experience as I learned to recognize what differing stitches look like up against each other. If I lost my place because I had stopped working on it for a few days, I could easily tell by examining the previous rows of stitches where I had left off.

I must knit more tightly than others. The pattern I’m following originally called for 6 skeins of yarn to make a decent sized throw, once I reached 4 skeins and it was not even enough to cover my lap, I decided to add a couple more skeins to have the size of throw I have in mind. I’m already thinking about the next blanket I’m going to knit, I need to remember to just move to larger gauge needles when working with my favorite yarn, chenille.