Wine tasting: dessert wines

It’s been awhile since Mark and I were able to make it to our neighborhood’s wine tasting group. We missed the sparkling wines right before the holidays as well as the zinfandels the month before. But this month, the spot light was on dessert wines. The wine tasting night everyone is asked to bring a bottle of the theme wine and their own wine glass. This week they had chocolate fondues to keep in theme with the wines.

We brought along a bottle of the Royal Tokaji 5 Puttonyos, that has been in our cupboard for some time. This was the wine a friend of ours introduced us to on one of visits to California. It’s sweet, but not cloyingly so.

After sampling a variety of ice and fruit wines I came to the conclusion that what we brought was the best out of the selections. (The same conclusion I came to the night of the Riesling tasting).

It just reaffirms that I know what I like. If someone can expose me to something new that I then enjoy, I welcome and am open to suggestions. That is the beauty of these tasting events, we don’t have to waste money purchasing countless bottles of something we might not like drinking. No one cares if you spill out your glass and move onto something new if you’re not happy with the selection.

The next one will be Chardonnay’s and cheese fondue. I don’t have a favorite Chardonnay, we will be contributing blindly, so I hope to walk away happily exposed to a tasty variety.