Remnants of Ivan

After work I arrived at the bus stop to see more than a dozen or so people already waiting. Some one mentioned they had been there for a half an hour and no buses had come by. I waited there another twenty minutes, giving the buses the benefit of the doubt, but then decided to walk to a friend’s appartment in Shadyside. Another twenty minutes into the walk and no bus had passed, I was drenched even with a large umbrella over me from the wind blowing the down pour sideways, but I was rescued by my friend half way to their place.

Their appartment had turned into a hurricane shelter, well at least a tropical depression shelter. One of their father’s had taken refuge there as well, after unsuccessfully trying to get home. They provided me with dry clothes, steaming coffee and pretzles and chocolate covered raisins to snack on. Not too mention all the fantastic round the clock coverage and footage of flooding and streets turned raging rapids. One channel claimed 8 inches fell in a 24 hour period, another only said a still formidible and record breaking 5.5 inches. Either number is impressive considering our area averages about 26 inches of rain fall per yer.

Historically, this town has never seen rain like this. Every single major road way out of Pittsburgh was blocked by flooding or landslides or even a 15 car pile up. The three rivers are all going to crest well above flood stage later today and even into tomorrow. Why do we only see catastrophic weather events on Fridays or Friday evenings? Surely the roadways and power outages will be fixed well enough for normal operation on Monday. I feel like a little kid who wanted a day off of school due to weather.

Even though we were getting hit pretty hard, I was still cheering Ivan on the way I always cheer on hurricanes. Go Ivan!