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The Lobster Chronicles: Life On a Very Small Island by Linda Greenlaw

The author, famed for being the captain of the sister ship to the doomed Andrea-Gail as featured in The Perfect Storm, departs from the 17 year life as a swordfish boat captain at sea in favor for a life on a tiny island seven miles off the coast of Maine to be a lobster fisherman. Delivered in an easy to digest conversational tone, it chronicles a season of lobstering and isolated small town life (the island has 43 year round residents).

A recurring theme involves the struggles of maintaining the small scale lobster fishing traditions that keep those families and their lifestyles afloat in the face of commercial fisherman. The concerns of life take on a different flavor and pace in such a secluded place. The drama they face can ruin their livelihood and destroy a community and generations of tradition; the people are involved and passionate.

The story appeals to that dream of mine to live far from humanity, it’s harder to get more remote than a small island. I can clearly envision the coastal and island imagery in these pages, I have been to Maine and in that visit I did experience island life and being isolated from the main-landers via an hour long ferry ride. I could see myself loving and looking forward to a bi-weekly trip to the main-land for supplies and to stock pile books to read on my porch looking out into the ocean (or on my porch over looking the forested land we will someday have). It is an enjoyable read, especially if you have escapist fantasies.