First entry

Here it is. I’m not certain of the exact content that will end up here or what it will evolve into. For now, I’ll view at it as an exercise in writing.

In the past, I’ve used other online journaling sites but was never really comfortable with them. Rather, I wasn’t comfortable with the sort of content that typically gets associated with an online diary. I wasn’t prepared to treat it as a confidant, as a secret confessor to expose my underbelly only to humiliate myself or the people in my life; nor did I feel the need to espouse profound insight that when read by outsiders merely sounded contrived.

Keeping a journal online is much more convenient and satisfying than writing it all down in a book. Mark and I had started a ‘joint’ travel journal a few years ago. He and I would take turns meticulously writing about the day’s events, what we were thinking, interesting food we ate a cute restaurants. I would attach little mementos and photos from where we’ve been. It was nice to do, but I quickly fell behind in maintaining it. Some adventures didn’t seem big enough or that special enough to include. Or there were no snap shots or pressed leaves and flowers to include. So, here I am, with the online journaling adventure. Anything goes: my musings and descriptions of my daily adventures, something yummy I may have prepared or eaten and whatever other miscellany I see fit to fill this space. Some may not sound that exciting, but this space will be all inclusive.

At some point, I will sit down and transcribe and back post the writings from the paper journal, I know that most will have corresponding photos from our website albums.

Hopefully I’ll produce something with substance, from the day to day observations or the completely fictional or perhaps the odd bit of poetry. Something I won’t be too shy or embarrassed to share with others.